A reader writes:

I haven't regularly read Reynolds since well before the '04 election but it is incredible to see in the post you linked to today that he is still as lame and depressingly predictable a thinker as ever.

There's the passive indifference to the details of a specific issue ("I haven't read the actual bill"), a creepy deference to the will of the public no matter how wrong the "public" may be ("this is pretty consistent with polls I've seen on public attitudes") and, of course, hollow pleas for civility (bloggers behind Porkbusters "treat people ... with some minimal courtesy, an approach that Andrew might consider emulating in his next crusade.")

It's been obvious to anyone remotely sentient that Glenn became a parody of himself long ago but it's less than clear why, exactly, anyone still reads him.

For comfort, mainly. And you can see why.

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