Quote for the Day

"The man ... I wouldn't call him nuts. He's not crazy. He's crazy like a fox," - Maurice R. Greenberg, who spills the beans on the discussion with Ahmadinejad at the Council on Foreign relations. Money quote:

He has been quoted many times, including last evening, that the Holocaust needs to be explored as to whether or not it really occurred. And he says, "Well you know, every time somebody tries to do that, they get imprisoned." Well, the reason some have been imprisoned is because it's against the law in some places to deny that the Holocaust occurred.

Of course it occurred. And when he said that, I responded: "Listen, I went through Dachau during the war. To suggest it didn't occur is simply a lie." So he turned around and asked me how old I was, to determine if I was old enough to have been there. And then he changed the subject.