Pulped Non-Fiction

As I write, the entire print-run of my forthcoming book, The Conservative Soul, is being pulped or trashed. A horrible printing error spliced half of the fifth chapter into the middle of the sixth, rendering the entire second half of the book incomprehensible. Many of the books were ok, but so many - thousands of them - weren't that we had no option but to start over, or risk the integrity of the text. All copies that were shipped are being recalled from booksellers. This is every writer's nightmare - especially as I discovered the error myself while re-reading the book late one night last week and couldn't believe my eyes. But it has a relatively happy ending. With the speed of today's print technology, the publishing date has been moved back only a week - to October 10. The review galleys were fine, mercifully. If you pre-ordered by Amazon, fear not. Nothing has shipped yet and the entire batch will be replaced. But if you got an advance, published, finished book, you'll soon be getting a replacement and an apology. My apologies on behalf of my publisher and printer. But we caught it in time; and the final product will have the pages in the right order.