Orwellianism Watch

A new euphemism for tying someone to a board, and dunking their head in water repreatedly so that they feel like drowning; and for keeping someone shackled in a room cooled to 50 degrees, pouring cold water over him repeatedly until he gets hypothermia, keeping him awake for 48 out of 55 days, or several of the methods used by the Soviets in the Gulag. And all these techniques used against people who haven't even been charged, let alone convicted, of any crime - just like the Soviet Union, whose buildings we coopted in Eastern Europe for our own torture. Here it is from the Wall Street Journal:

"being able to make life uncomfortable."

For the editors at the Wall Street Journal, of course, that means a delay in their car service. If it's merely uncomfortable, why don't they volunteer for it themselves. Taranto, what's stopping you?