My old boss and friend, Marty Peretz, was almost designed for blogging. TNR's new editor, Frank Foer, has had the sense to give him one. I guess Mickey can now accuse me of complete unctuousness. But Marty knows I mean it; and I don't have a major reputation for sucking up. In five years of editing his magazine, I had my fair share of Marty quarrels (and plenty of agreement). Marty gets razzed a lot (yes, Jack, I'm talking about you) - for his passionate defense of Israel, his passionate quarrels with fellow Democrats, his passionate guidance of The New Republic. But there are many worse things than passion. Along with a spine, Marty also has a great heart. He has done more to nurse young talent and to stand up to smelly orthodoxies than most people I know. Now the blogosphere will have to deal with him. Good luck, blogosphere.

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