Mark Steyn and Courage

Here's a tart critique of the Mark Steyn column I posted on here, courtesy of Glenn Greenwald. Money quote:

The ironies of this disturbed war dance are virtually infinite ... but the most striking irony is this. So much of the neoconservative warrior cries are built on an ethos of deep fear, of exactly the desperate desire to be protected and saved which Steyn and company claim is the hallmark of the girlish, soul-less West. As they strike the warrior pose, they are desperately willing, even eager, to fundamentally change the character and principles of our republic and to sacrifice the core liberties which define it because they are scared and want, more than anything else, to be protected.

I might add that I and many others witnessed the the true character of the "girly, soulless" West in the days after 9/11; and it was neither weak nor afraid.