Is This Torture?

What follows below is a dramatization of a "waterboarding". It's taken from the USA network award-winning show, "The 4400" on YouTube. Since I have only read descriptions, I cannot verify its accuracy in detail - but it certainly captures the essence of this technique directly authorized by the president, and used by the CIA at the behest of the president and vice-president. The clip lasts around 30 seconds. Most victims apparently do not last that long. If you believe that what you are watching is "severe mental or physical pain or suffering," then it is torture under U.S. law, and the U.N. Treaty. It is undeniably a violation of the Geneva Convention. If it is torture, according to the president himself, then it should stopped. At this moment in history, let us at least look at what is being done by the government; and call it by its proper name.