Hitch on Ratz

It's a classic:

It is often said — and was said by Ratzinger when he was an underling of the last Roman prelate — that Islam is not capable of a Reformation. We would not even have this word in our language if the Roman Catholic Church had been able to have its own way. Now its new reactionary leader has really "offended" the Muslim world, while simultaneously asking us to distrust the only reliable weapon — reason — that we possess in these dark times.

My take is, in chronological order, here, here, and here. The threats on Benedict's life are obviously obscene and repulsive. But they are sadly what we have come to expect from some elements within the religion of peace. Of course, what Benedict has said about Muslims is positively benign compared to what he has said about homosexuals. But somehow, I don't think we'll get an apology. After all, we don't threaten to kill people.