Electoral Gold. Texas Tea.

by David Weigel

John Tabin sees gas prices falling and wonders how this will affect the Great Democratic Comeback of 2006.

The funny thing about Bush is how closely his approval ratings correlate to gas prices. So if it's true that the price at the pump is poised to keep falling for months, shouldn't we be more optimistic about the GOP's fortunes this November?

I think so. I posed this to a few Republicans at an America's Future Foundation happy hour last night, and their eyes lit up like I'd just told them Rick Santorum had free tickets to Springsteen and wanted them to come with. It's a cliche at this point, but it's also completely true that shelling out $50 to fill a tank of gas has convinced most Americans, against all the macro evidence, that the economy sucks. A sudden 50 cent-per-gallon drop in that price by November would completely change that mentality. Good thing there's absolutely zero chance of a crisis in the Middle East in the next 68 days.