Democrats and the War

A reader writes:

The reason Democrats haven't attack GWB's "unseriousness" on the war is because their left wing base is so anti-war, anti-American power, that they would repudiate any Democratic Party leader who tried to run to the right of Bush on the conduct of the War.

Its enough to bring me to despair.  We have on one hand a party that recognizes that we are in a war with an implacable enemy, but it has waged that war in an incompetent manner, taking on burdens for the country without fully explaining them to either the American people or to itself.  On the other hand we have political party that gives lip-service to "internationalism" but which is at heart actually isolationist and unwilling to see American power projected beyond the confines of our borders even when it is necessary and just. 

For persons of my mindset, who believe in the Powell doctrine (which is really only Jacksonian foriegn/military policy for the 21st century), it is a state of affairs which leaves us despairing of any hope for the future.

Is there someone out there that can rescue the country from the follies of our two political parties?

McCain? Giuliani? Obama? Gore?