Christianity and Mammon


A reader writes:

You wrote, "...just don't expect the religious right to criticize it."

I spent 15 minutes with Google and I found a few examples of the "religious right" criticizing the prosperity gospel. Here's one; and here's another. And let's not forget Christianity Today, the flagship publication of evangelicalism. Money quote:

"What is commonly called the "prosperity gospel" is a corruption of the gospel."

Then there are actually sermons by prominent evangelicals: John Piper, John MacArthur, Albert Mohler. Money quote:

"Some think that religion is a way to riches," he said. "That is hard to believe when you look at the faithful teachers of the gospel [and] you look at those who are spending their lives on the mission fields. ... Authentic Christianity is not a way to riches -- at least not material riches."

Thanks for the info and the links. Encouraging and helpful. But let's hear these other Christian voices more loudly in the public square, can we?

(Photo illustration: Michael Elins.)