"Shut Up Already"

A reader (among many) writes:

Oh will you shut up already?  Khalid Sheik Mohammed is not a veteran of the second world war, and nobody but you gives a crap whether or not this fanatical, mass-murdering thug is brought to the verge of suffocation in an effort to obtain information on the whereabouts and initiatives of other fanatical, mass murdering thugs.  That's the only issue. 

You will not address it ... not seriously, anyway. Instead, we get a never-ending series of eye-rolling rants (and accompanying photographs) about how everything from waterboarding to sexual humilitation is "torture" - and about how our civilization depends upon whether or not we put panties on the heads of of fundamentalist troglodytes who are suicidally intent on destroying humanity. What a shocker: You lost that debate. Do yourself a favor and move along.