What Drove Karr?

by David Weigel

Todd Hartman at the Rocky Mountain News has more or less the only interesting story I've read in the Jonbenet-Karr story - an interview with Michael Tracey, the tireless media professor who corresponded with "december251996@yahoo.com."

The criticism started ramping up again Monday afternoon. Within a couple hours of reports that charges wouldn't be filed against Karr, Tracey said he already was hearing flak.

He said he's prepared for the grief he'll take from pundits and talk radio hosts who have been bashing him all along.

"What's new?" he said. "It's nothing new."

Asked about KHOW radio talk-show host Peter Boyles, who has skewered Tracey almost daily since news of the Karr arrest, Tracey said, "Boyles is professionally and emotionally invested in the Ramseys being guilty. There's nothing you can do about that. Nothing."

Tracey doesn't knock the mainstream media for covering the Karr arrest to death, which is refreshing - the only news more tiresome than the Karry story is the post-Karr media hairshirt festival.