Three Little Words

by David Weigel

In a post titled Fortune Cookie Neoconservatism, paleocon Michael Brendan Dougherty knocks the neocons in a fresh way that doesn't focus on pre-Iraq war naval-gazing. It jibes just as well with any debate over Iran, or Syria, or the Fourth Afghan War of 2017.

Whenever a neoconservative says something should be done, whether it is democracy promotion, or instilling purpose in an enervated American populace, or diplomacy you can finish the thought for him by adding three little words: by killing people.

It sounds fun. Let's try it with, I dunno, Danielle Pletka.

The Palestinians must decide the way forward for themselves. And no amount of cajoling, strategizing or talking can change this most basic fact. The United States should support moderate parties, and encourage pluralistic democracy, by killing people.

I'm not sure if that adds or detracts from the argument. Cool.

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