The K-Tel Candidate

by David Weigel

John McCain is running for president the way a music company compiles a hits disc. Remember those Howard Dean consultants you knew and loved? Well, they're back!

John Weaver, McCain's chief political strategist, confirmed today that Nicco Mele, the webmaster of Dean for America, is among those who have committed to help. Mele's work on Dean's campaign, which including , led Esquire to name him as one of the country's "best and brightest." His firm, EchoDitto, lists more than twenty major Democratic and liberal firms and candidates as clients.

And do you want to get the best of the Bush administration without waiting for 2009? Look to John McCain.

Former Deputy Secretary of State Robert B. Zoellick is planning to go to work fulltime next year for the presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain, overseeing development of domestic and foreign policy, Republican officials tell TIME.

If McCain keeps up this streak, soon enough he'll have Karl Rove batting for him and whispering to South Carolinans about Mitt Romney's black love child.

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