The Greatest Love of All

by Ana Marie Cox

The most wanted man in the world's most wanted:

OSAMA bin Laden has more on his mind than just the destruction of the United States - the world's most wanted terrorist is obsessed with Whitney Houston..  But bin Laden's murderous side also emerged in his fantasies about the pop superstar. "[He would say] how beautiful she is," Boof claims, "what a nice smile she has, how truly Islamic she is but is just brainwashed by American culture and by her husband - Bobby Brown, whom Osama talked about having killed, as if it were normal to have womens' husbands killed.

"In his briefcase, I would come across photographs of the Star [magazine], as well as copies of Playboy. It would soon come to the point where I was sick of hearing Whitney Houston's name," Boof writes.

There's not really a way to make fun of this except that it does suggest our Guantanamo interrogation techniques are not as sophisticated as we thought:

Almost every interviewee stated that yelling and the use music were used for interrogations at GTMO... Interrogators that cultural music would be played as an incentive. Futility technique included the playing of Metallica, Britney Spears, and Rap music.