The Gibsons and Australia's Neo-Nazis

More evidence about the hero of the American Christianist movement:

Mel Gibson once had close links to the Australian League of Rights, a Far Right group notorious for its anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial.
The league claims the world is run by a secret society of Jews.
The Hollywood star's foray into Far Right activist politics in Australia occurred in 1987 when he campaigned for a friend, Rob Taylor, who stood unsuccessfully for the northern Victorian federal seat of Indi.
Charles Pinwill, a former Queensland state director of the League of Rights, said he knew Gibson's father, Hutton, and said Gibson was interested in the league's ideas.
"They were never members of the league, no. But we never really recruited members, just support. (Mel and Hutton) were interested in some of our ideas," Mr Pinwill said.
"His dad had politically similar ideas to me. His dad had a well-considered philosophy, he thought things through.
"I knew (Mr Taylor) was a friend of Mel's. Mel's not really a political animal, he's interested in spiritual things."