Jumping the Snark

My slightly snarky headline yesterday to a piece by David Brooks was a snark too far. Yes, I've been hyping a McCain-Lieberman combo in 2008 for a few months. But that's not where david got the idea. He was onto it as long ago as 2003. Brooks' money quote from the May 9 2003 NewsHour:

There seems to be a buddy system in the democratic race. Have you John Kerry and Howard Dean, both of whom have to win in New Hampshire. They're going after each other for the liberal side.
For the popular side you have Dick Gephardt and John Edwards going after each other. Gephardt has the lead in that because of his dramatic health care plan. Then what you would call the moderate side, Joe Lieberman and Bob Graham going after each other, running for the nomination of what you might call the centrist, McCain-Lieberman Party, a party that unfortunately doesn't exist.

My apologies to David. He may well belong to the same political party that Joe Klein and I recently founded over several drinks. Pity it doesn't exist.