I Think We Make a Real Sharp Couple of Coconuts

by David Weigel

Liberal Philadelphia blogger Will Bunch does a modicum of legwork and discovers that Rockey Vaccarella, the Katrina survivor who travelled to DC to thank the president is - quelle surprise! - a devoted Republican.

Turns out that the earthy Vaccarella -- a highly successful businessman in the fast-food industry -- is indeed a Republican pol, having run unsuccessfully under the GOP banner for a seat on the St. Bernard Parish commission back in 1999... and in fact, Vaccarella seemed very confident that he would be meeting with Bush when he left home, to the point where he had a date scheduled and everything.

Even if this deep, dark secret never matriculates outside the blogs, I'm wracking my brains to understand the point of this "PR coup." Is a cheerful white guy really the mascot who can erase Bush's Katrina problem? Is his sing-song praise of federal spending going to motivate the GOP base? More evidence that Rove's touch has lost any of its Midas-like qualities.

Via Matthew "Award" Yglesias.