How Serious Is Bush About The War?

Here's a question many pathetic Democrats won't ever ask directly. Why is Bush firing dozens of trained Arab linguists in wartime? Here's an interesting nugget from an article dealing with the success of the British intelligence agencies in uncovering the recent airplane plot:

A senior federal law enforcement official said MI5 also had a distinct advantage over the F.B.I. in that it had a greater store of foreign-language speakers, giving British authorities greater ability to infiltrate conspiracy groups. The F.B.I. still has only a handful of Muslim agents and others who speak Arabic, Urdu or other languages common in the Islamic world.

Here you have a classic test: does president Bush care more about winning this war and protecting Americans than pandering to a bigoted anti-gay base? Every day that goes by with the ban on openly gay officers in effect is a sign of where Bush's real priorities lie. For more information on the insane policy rejected by up to 80 percent of Americans, and options on how to help, click here, and here.