Holding "The Passion" Accountable

Now we know its creator is an anti-Semite, where is the new debate about his movie? Where are the MSM explanations of why so many at the time viewed it as an anti-Semitic film? Where are the analyses of its anti-Semitic origins, as in the "visions" of Anne Catherine Emmerich? Where are the investigations of Gibson's large investments in uber-orthodox churches, with anti-Semitic overtones? This incident was not about one drunken celebrity. It was about one the biggest pop-cultural events in recent history, a water-mark in the Christianist movement's assault on the culture at large. It matters as a cultural and moral issue whether the Christianist movement did indeed give its imprimatur to rank anti-Semitism. Tim Rutten asks all the right questions here. The architects of this poisonous movie's success still have not been brought to account.