Email of the Day

A reader writes:

I am remiss at not writing long ago to thank you for continuing your "window" offerings.
I am a moderate democrat, and a grandmother whose only grandson, a Marine, will soon be on his way back to Iraq. I tend to agree with you on most issues, and I hope I will live long enough to see gay marriage a reality, and a significant decline in Christianist influence.
I read your blog daily, and consider you one of the voices of reason amid all the noise. I feel sad and anxious about the state of our world. When my grandson goes back to Iraq, I face another 7 months of holding my breath, and waiting for that dreaded knock on the door.
As I read your blog, every one of those window views that pops up gives me a brief moment of peace. Thank you.

Thank me? Thank the readers of this blog. In an insane world, small glimpses of normal life - the life the media rarely covers - can be curiously calming.