Email of the Day

A reader writes:

Your most recent post on the details of the terror plot investigation was superb.  You did your homework. We all need to know the facts and make our own decisions about what is, or is not, going on. The decision to go public with the plot seems to have been initiated by the forced confession of this guy in a torture chamber in Islamabad and NOT based on the actual facts of the case as developed by MI5 and others. What is even more concerning is that the Bush administration balked when the Brits wanted to let the one guy go ahead with his dry run, perhaps providing more information and more suspects.  Why?  That is a bit concerning to me.  Seems Bush may have done more to jeopardize the investigation than anyone else.

When you are on the extremes it is easy to get caught up in the spin.  Those who have been quick to judge and condemn you are perfect examples of what I call "goose steppers". They obviously have NOT done any due diligence and quite frankly, I would imagine that they could care less about the actual facts. We cannot win this war on terror without knowing all the facts.  Those in the center, like yourself, must continue to raise their voices and be heard. It is hard to be heard above the extremist din but it is necessary for our survival.

We'll find out more at some point. But skepticism seems to me to be in order at this point.