E-Mail of the Day

by David Weigel

On that weak Iranian military:

I think Sailer is being a little flip about the Iranian airforce.

First, the F4 was and is a very credible fighter.  It may have first entered service in the late '50s, but you know what?  The fighters that make up the front line of the US line-up all entered service in the 1970s, 30 years ago (that's right: the F-14, F-16, and F-18 all debuted in the '70s).   Age of first introduction is not a very interesting metric.

Second, people trying to turn Iran into the new Nazi Germany are doing it based on one thing and one thing alone:  its alleged possession of an atomic bomb.  Now anyone who pays attention to the facts and the evidence knows that they do not have one, and cannot have one for many years.  But that is the real issue among the fear-mongerers, and trying to dispel the fear by talking about their fighter-fleet is neither here nor there.

We are being subjected to another giant con-job about Iran; the same losers in the White House who rushed us into Iraq are now trying to rush us into Iran.  It is really important that we resist their stupid, wicked, and unbelievably cynical con-job this time.

So--by all means help in the deflation.  But try to answer the arguments that are being made, not arguments that are not being made.