E-mail of the Day

by David Weigel

The rage at the John Mark Karr story leads citizens to attack even people who didn't care about it very much. (Me here, Ana here, Andrew here.)

The complete corruption of the media must tickle you pink. For the last 2 wasted weeks of public airtime the disasters you and your republican colleagues have created have been ignored. Do you have any conscience whatsoever? The licenses of all broadcasters that have even one news program should be revoked immediately for the travesty of the last 2 weeks, and not given back until CLEARLY DELINEATED REGULATIONS have been set up in regard to all news coverage.

You mainstream media people will never escape what you have done to this country (no matter how many bullshit roadblocks you try to throw up) regarding Iraq and foreign policy in general.

One day I will come here and read that you have decided to go back into the private sector because you can't handle the vitriol coming your way for the things you have done politically. It will be sooner than you think.

Again, not sure who that refers to. Maybe Rita Cosby.