Don't Come Back Now, Y'Hear?

by David Weigel

North Carolina perma-candidate Vernon Robinson - who prefers to be known as "the black Jesse Helms" - is ramping up his attacks on Rep. Brad Miller (D) by writing eliminationist parodies of 1960s TV show themes. I'm really quite serious. Robinson earned a little fame this year with an ad portraying modern America, with its Mes'kins and homosexers, as the Twilight Zone. Andrew blogged that the ad seemed to shoot straight out of "Michelle Malkin's id."

Well, whose id wants to take responsibility for this?

Come and here me tell about a politician named Brad
He gave illegal aliens everything we had
Gave 'em Social Security and drivers' licenses too
Free, health care, free lawyers, free lunches at the school
Well the next thing you know old Brad's a congressman
With all the sneaky aliens eating from his hand
Sugar Daddy Miller's what they call him in DC
Givin' them the taxes he stole from you and me

All this in a Democratic seat so safe it's not ranked in the top 50 most competitive races by National Journal. Pity.