Big Baby Brother

by Ana Marie Cox

Liberal bloggers have been having a lot of fun with John Hinderacker's elegaic post on his visit to the Oval Office (gee, how'd he score that invite?), which , in part, describes Bush's as "persona is very much that of the big brother." Only he means it as a compliment. He means the whole post as a compliment, which it is and couldn't be more so unless it involved a tongue bath:

He clearly derives real joy from the opportunity to serve as President and to participate in the great pageant of American history. And he sees himself as anything but a lame duck, which is why he is stumping for Republican candidates around the country. It was, in short, the most inspiring forty minutes I've experienced in politics.

But the post only seems overthetop if you don't take into account that John is not ever going to have aother Oval Office confab, since, clearly, his pissed himself at some point during this one.