The YouTube War

Ana-Marie Cox analyzes the latest media twist in war-coverage: soldiers' own YouTube videos. Money quote:

There's music in a lot of the soldiers' videos, but precious little uplift. In "The War Tapes," one soldier/auteur complains frequently about the risks he and his comrades take to protect the property of the Halliburton subsidiary subcontracted to feed the troops: "Why the f--- am I sitting out here guarding a truck full of cheesecake?" he laments. After another guardsman supplies a Bush Administration-approved justification for their presence (freedom and democracy for the Iraqi people, stability in the Middle East), the cameraman asks, "tell me how you really feel." Deadpan, he continues: "After that happens, maybe we can buy everybody in the world a puppy."

Here's an actual YouTube video of a real-time destruction of an enemy household in Iraq. If you don't want to listen to soldiers' language, then this video might be too racy. But they're soldiers.