The One Percent Doctrine, RIP?


If you haven't read Ron Suskind's "The One Percent Doctrine," I recommend it. As the CIA's brief against the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal, it's hard to beat. The central idea - that Cheney believes that the US should treat a one percent chance of a terrorist getting a WMD as a 100 percent certainty - helps explain the way in which the administration analyzed the Iraq intelligence data (and ignored all the caveats). But it makes a mockery of the response to Kim Jong Il. The doctrine has either been abandoned or modified - as my corporate overlords are now rightly noticing. As usual, however, we know only what our king and his consort deign to tell us. My Sunday Times take on the surreal dissonance between the approaches to Iraq and NoKo can be read here.

(Photo: Brooks Kraft/Corbis for Times.)