Quote for the Day

"This is one reason why Glenn Reynolds' calling the Blogosphere an "Army of Davids" annoys me to no end. If you have a passing familiarity with the Bible, you know that there can't be an Army of Davids:  David was David because David was unique. He did something no one else could (or would). He had, one could say, an expertise that everyone else lacked.

Talking about an Army of Davids - suggesting that everyone is David (one envisions the scene at the end of Spartacus or, perhaps, Malcolm X) - misses the whole point of what it means to be David, i.e., that not everyone can be him.  Indeed, almost no one can be David. David is rare; he's special; he's unique.  It's easy to forget that; it's easy for me to forget that," - Obsidian Wings, yesterday.