Quote for the Day II

"The Department of Defense's own investigation concluded that this technique migrated from Guantánamo to Iraq and Abu Ghraib. At least two members of the armed forces have now been convicted under the Uniform Code of Military Justice for using dogs to frighten detainees. It is striking that as these soldiers were prosecuted, you were being promoted. What message are we sending our troops? And what message are we sending the world, in light of your role in promulgating abusive interrogation techniques, like the use of dogs, stress positions and forced nudity. What message are we sending if we promote you to the second highest court in the land? ...  'Well, we're going to dispatch a few privates, a few corporals, a sergeant, maybe it will get to a lieutenant, but it'll never get upstairs.' ... Apparently, upstairs there's a promotion party. Downstairs people are being sent to prison," - Dick Durbin, finally telling it like it is about the way the Bush administration has protected politicians, commanders, and White House lawyers from accountability for abandoning Geneva and endorsing torture, while scapegoating a few grunts.