Piety and Politics


The Derb speaks:

If you look at [the blunders of Bush's presidency], in fact, a lot of the problem seems to arise from GWB’s piety. In the 2000 campaign GWB was asked to name his favorite philosopher. He named Jesus. I don't for a moment doubt his sincerity or his piety. Trouble is, Jesus was not a philosopher. The Bible is full of inspiration and spiritual insights, but as a handbook for conducting worldly affairs, it needs to be taken with a dash of, well, worldliness. Taking in strangers may get you robbed. Turning the other cheek may get you killed. All men may be equal in the sight of God, but it does not follow that all kids are equally capable of doing Advanced Placement Calculus.

This is the Tory version of the left's obsession with Bush's "stupidity." He's not stupid. Just unwise and incurious about his unwisdom.

(Photo: Nell Redmond/Landov.)