Marriage In Massachusetts

A reader comments on the accelerating social impact of the reform - on heterosexuals:

What the Herald doesn't mention is that many Massachusetts companies had domestic partner benefits for both heterosexual and gay couples, and many of those have been terminated on the grounds that everyone can get married. Gay marriage has not only put financial pressure on heterosexual couples to marry, but it has created social pressure as well. "Why aren't you married?/When are you getting married?/You should get married" became a socially acceptable comment even in the most liberal of circles, and those opinions started getting air time. At my former employer the first year of gay marriage, I felt like we had some sort of wedding shower every other week - the gay couples got married and then all the straight ones started planning weddings too.

And so marriage as an institution is strengthened by this, rather than weakened. As I have said now for almost two decades, anyone who really cares about marriage and the family should back the inclusion of gay couples. It's the true pro-family position.