Liberal Blogs and Israel

A reader writes:

I'm surprised you don't understand why many liberal blogs are (let's call it) reticent on the subject of the current mideast war. These blogs are dedicated to helping the Democratic Party recapture Congress this November, which requires ongoing demonization of the Bush administration. Since the Bush administration resolutely supports Israel, these bloggers would then have to demonize the Jewish state thereby antagonizing the large Jewish liberal voting bloc. But they cannot ally themselves with Israel either, because  1) anyone the Bush administration supports is automatically evil or fraudulent; 2) alliance with the administration on any major issue is not allowed (see Lieberman, Joseph); and 3) in any contest between a western-style power and a guerilla opponent, the left must side with the guerillas.

Also, the left these days, especially the antiwar movement, is loaded with anti-Semitism. Liberal bloggers may be afraid of the hate mail they’ll attract if they even discuss the issue, which can then be highlighted by conservatives. Already, the Weekly Standard has gleefully dragged some of the e-mails received by Kos into the light.

I think this reader misses an important distinction between many liberal blogs and those of the anti-war left. But his point about the latter is surely valid.