Jumping the Shark

I find myself having to agree with Glenn Greenwald on how the far-right blogosphere has jumped the rhetorical shark this past year, aided and abetted by more mainstream conservative bloggers. I also think they're overdue for media attention.

(By the way, one of his commenters again brings up my infamous sentence a few days after 9/11 when I predicted that small enclaves of leftists might blame America for the attack and become what amounts to a "fifth column." I regret that rhetoric, expressed my regret days after the piece was published, and only ever applied it to those who immediately sympathized with al Qaeda in September 2001. As for my later comments about opponents of the Iraq war being "objectively pro-Saddam," that seems to me to be indisputable. If they'd had their way, he'd still be in power. On the intellectual honesty front, I think expressing regret for rhetoric written while human ash was still in the air in New York City days after I used it is fair enough. And I have also expressed "shame and sorrow" for my misjudgments on Iraq in general. Some on the left want more from war-supporters like me. I'm for self-criticism; not masochism.)