Gibson and the Right II

The diversionary tactics being deployed by the theocon right (and fellow-travelers) in defense of their cultural icon, Mel Gibson, are getting quite inventive. Here's David Frum, who uses the occasion to suggest Gibson's anti-Semitism qualifies him to become head of the U.N. Can you imagine him taking such a jocular approach if, say, Louis Farakhan had been ranting similar things about Jews?

Here's Captain Quarter's blog who summons up his greatest outrage for Abraham Foxman:

Foxman had our support while he expressed outrage and disgust at Gibson's drunken rant. However, he loses it when he advocates criminal penalties for merely offering an opinion. Gibson's remarks, as reported, were hateful and obnoxious - but Foxman's are truly dangerous.

You'll find no more passionate opponent of hate crime laws than me. But Foxman's idiocy is more dangerous than spreading medieval anti-Semitism through the Middle East in the midst of a global terrorist movement to eradicate the Jewish people and state? Please. This right-wing blog, on the other hand, blames ... Hollywood:

I am sickened by Mel Gibson's behavior, but I am certainly not surprised. Hollywood is Hollywood after all.

Another rightist manages to bring Ted Kennedy into the entire mess:

The thing is that [Gibson] has owned up to his mistake. Unlike a Ted Kennedy or others in his blood line that have been in the news lately.

Still, Jay Nordlinger's apology for Gibson is the real beaut. I reprint part of it here:

The second story — or the second version of this common story — comes from my friend Ben. He lives in Israel, but went to college in Michigan. One night, his roommate got ripped, and accosted Ben with 'f***ing Jew.' (Unlike Mike, Ben really is a Jew.) As Ben tells it, relations with his roommate were always better after that. Go figure. Something about openness.
So, is there veritas in vino? Is alcohol a truth serum? Probably so — but you don't necessarily want to know the truth. Then again, you may.
In any case, I was thinking someone could market a wine or a vodka or something, naming it 'F***ing Jew.' A few swigs, and out come the words.

How many friends do you have who, after around three drinks immediately and without warning blurts out that the "Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world"? I guess I run in different circles than others.