Dershowitz on Torture

Norm Geras, a founding member of the anti-Islamist Euston Manifesto, writes:

Here is part of [Alan Dershowitz's] description of those captured by the US and its allies:

"[T]here were admitted members of al-Qa'ida... Some of the detainees are believed to have valuable real-time information that could save lives. Others are simply terrorist pawns willing to do whatever they are told, even if it entails suicide. Inevitably, some, probably, are completely innocent and not dangerous."

How does an eminent liberal lawyer come to be discussing whether it might be OK to effect near-drowning experiences for people, and some of these innocent of any offence? Then there's also 'alternating heat and cold' and 'uncomfortable and/or painful seating'. Notice the precision of that and/or. Revolting.

Another hysteric? Your call.