Correction, Please

John Hinderaker at Power Line writes:

"I think the over-the-top coverage of Abu Ghraib, the prison where no one died after it was reclaimed from Saddam Hussein, is the definitive proof of the American media's bias against its own soldiers."

Does Hinderaker consider this person, murdered by the C.I.A. at Abu Ghraib, dead?


Money quote:

Al-Jamadi died in a prison shower room during about a half-hour of questioning, before interrogators could extract any information, according to the documents, which consist of statements from Army prison guards to investigators with the military and the CIA’s Inspector General’s office.

One Army guard, Sgt. Jeffery Frost, said the prisoner's arms were stretched behind him in a way he had never before seen. Frost told investigators he was surprised al-Jamadi's arms 'didn't pop out of their sockets,' according to a summary of his interview.

Frost and other guards had been summoned to reposition al-Jamadi, who an interrogator said was not cooperating. As the guards released the shackles and lowered al-Jamadi, blood gushed from his mouth 'as if a faucet had been turned on,' according to the interview summary.

The military pathologist who ruled the case a homicide found several broken ribs and concluded al-Jamadi died from pressure to the chest and difficulty breathing.

The fact that one of the most popular conservative bloggers is still in denial about Abu Ghraib, let alone the dozens of other torture-facilities set up by this administration, speaks volumes.