Camille on Madonna

She's still cranky (warning: x-rated pics on this site; sorry for not warning earlier):

"I just saw the first of Madonna's two concerts in Philadelphia, and I wasn't thrilled with it. I simply wanted to see her - not be assaulted by an avalanche of pretentious, irrelevant images dizzily winking on giant screens. Alison enjoyed it - she's much more of a True Blue Madonna fan, while I can't turn off my beady critic's eye. The lugubrious montage of doleful African orphans framing a glammed up Madonna as she reclined on her sparkly disco crucifix was too much by twenty miles."

I think Madonna's latest incarnation is designed to appeal to Alison, not Camille. I loved the concert and the album as pure pop fun.

More classic Camille here - on Brokeback Mountain's Heath Ledger's "phlegmatic, shop-worn mannerisms borrowed from James Dean and Montgomery Clift" and "old dykes" as "tough customers". I can't believe I beat Drudge to this.