Bush vs. Geneva

This president is still determined to remove the United States from baseline protections of the Geneva protections. John Yoo is unrepentant:

"This draft shows that the executive branch doesn’t think the Supreme Court got the questions on the Geneva Conventions right in Hamdan."

What the administration thinks, of course, is irrelevant. The court has ruled that Article 3 applies. If it applies, the following would be impermissible:

The bill would also bar 'statements obtained by the use of torture' from being introduced as evidence, but evidence obtained during interrogations where coercion was used would be admissible unless a military judge found it 'unreliable.'

So we're back to Yoophemisms. 'Torture" versus "coercive interrogation techniques." The standards of Article 3 clearly bar all of it. And so you see this president asking the Congress to withdraw from Geneva. That's what this means. And we have to make sure the American public understands that.