Airbrushing Anti-Semitism

Stephen Pollard notices that the BBC, Reuters, and Sky News in Britain have not reported the content of Mel Gibson's "despicable" remarks about Jews. I cannot find a reference in the Guardian/Observer either. I guess exposing anti-Semitism would be off-message given the British media's coverage of the Iran-Israel war in Lebanon.

Update: CNN and the AP also airbrush out the content of Gibson's dranged anti-Semitic rants. If this were just another celebrity skirmish, that would be fine. But this man created one of the biggest-selling movies of all time, marketed it in the Middle East, where Jews are ddeply vulnerable, and was accused of having anti-Semitic motives in reviving a medieval anti-Semitic genre. The Christianist right embraced Gibson and exonerated him from all suspicion of anti-Semitism. Now we have almost surreally graphic evidence of the mindset behind the director of "The Passion of the Christ." And the MSM censor it. Once again, the blogopshere is providing far more information than the mainstream. Thank God for Drudge.