A Soldier on the NYT

Here's an email from a soldier who worked in Iraq on the NYT coverage, specifically Dexter Filkins':

I read your post about the story written by Dexter Filkins. Dexter was embedded with my unit in the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom and I can tell you from first hand experience that he is one of the best reporters on the Iraq War. After I got home from the start of the war in June 2003, I read many of the articles he wrote about what he saw as we pushed north to Baghdad. Every one of them was spot on and gave an excellent description of events on the ground. Not bad for a reporter working for the New York Times. Over the past few years I have read anything I see of his and I believe that he as a better idea of what is happening in Iraq than almost anyone else.

Ah, yes, The evil MSM. Just dedicated to helping the terrorists, aren't they?