"Spittle Flying"

A reader writes:

Hugh Hewitt reminds me of Lee Cobb's character in "12 Angry Men." As you may recall, Fonda forces his fellow jurors to deal only with the facts of the case. Through the movie, juror after juror sheds their pre-conceived notions as they eventually come to grips with these facts. Until, in the end, only Cobb is left, raging incoherently, spittle flying from lip, unable to see what is plainly the truth. Hewitt and his kind are no different. Just as Cobb's juror made the most noise before caving, we can only hope that increasinly incoherently rantings of the Hewitt and Leeden are signaling the beginning of the end of this phase of denial.

Greg Djerejian lobs another one in Hewitt's direction here.