Zarqawi's Mom


She has a blog. It's great stuff. Money quote:

Hello Everyone! First, I would Like to thank everyone for the opportunity to blog. I am currently staying with my friends Laurie and Arianna in Bel Air or some such place. The guest room is dark, and the television is not a flat screen of any such kind.This is the moment when the hand of the Merciful Allah strikes down my son's enemy, which I believe is anyone who canceled the Golden Girls to show the England game yesterday. I am a big fan of Estelle Getty and Bea Arthur, who i hope to meet while I am here. I am very tired of having to discuss politics with these eater of pigs, although Anderson Cooper seemed very handsome. He only said hello, and then he began to flirt with my bodyguard Ahmed. Cursed be he then - Allah has no place for such violators of human nature. Plus, he smelled better than me. Like lilacs of some such kind - oh once the Merciful One is done with the Bush one, cursed be he, then he must smite the Body Shop. I was given a complimentary basket of soaps there, and which gave me a full-body rash. This burqa is making it worse ... Oh wait, Arianna says Al Gore is here. We are going to see his movie with Janeane Garofalo. I hope there is popcorn or may the Merciful one strike them down. I prefer the caramel kind.

There's more. It made my day.