The Betrayal of Reagan

This email speaks for itself:

Thank you for quoting Bukovsky. Like him, I escaped from a communist country twenty years ago and have embraced American style democracy.

I share your views regarding torture but haven't been able to write about it because both my grandfathers were sent to labor camp in the 50's. I did a documentary film about them and uncovered many facts about how they were treated. First of all they were tortured psychologically. My mother's father was told that his daughter was being raped in the next room (not true, it was a record player) in order to make him talk. He was not allowed to sleep, he was subjected to electro shocks and at the end he lost his mind and left wandering the streets. A kind Gypsy took him home to my grandmother who nursed him back to life. He spent the rest of his life afraid of any man in uniform and much more ... At least I got to know him. My father's father was simply killed. Maybe he was luckier, we'll never know. The fact is he was brutally tortured too.

Needless to say my family put all its efforts in escaping communism.

Needless to say I always believed Americans to be better.

Needless to say I watch with great horror and sadness as the Bush/Cheney America slowly uses the same tactics.

This one is on Republican shoulders. No wonder they don't want to hear from people like Bukovsky. After all it was Ronald Reagan who ended the cold war. Now his party has stooped so low that moderate people like me are agreeing with Noam Chomsky!

Irony of all ironies ...

Not quite: tragedy of all tragedies.