Suskind Update

I've started on the book and find it well put together and plausible. With books with anonymous sources with axes to grind, it's hard to know for sure what to believe. You have to use your own judgment as best you can. Woodward, Barnes, Gordon/Trainor and Suskind make for a helpful quartet. It seems clear to me from Suskind's book that it's payback time for the CIA in their war against the Cheney-Rumsfeld axis. It also seems clear that payback may well be merited.

You don't expect a man like Dick Cheney to panic after an incident like 9/11; but it seems in retrospect that he did; and his panic over-rode critical safeguards against error. Looking back, I think we can excuse our leaders of making some early errors in assessing a dark and near-invisible enemy, devoid of scruples and any decency. That doesn't mean we should forgive their arrogant persistence in those mistakes; or their subsequent cover-ups. Cheney would have been better advised to be obsessing over Zarqawi in the summer of 2003, rather than Joe Wilson. Suskind also seems to have gotten one significant detail wrong with respect to the London 7/7 bombings: he may have muddled up one Mohammed Siddique Khan with one Mohammed Ajmal Khan. Here's the Telegraph story on the alleged error, which Suskind denies. Make your own mind up.