A reader writes:

There's something I think you, me, and everyone else who has nominally supported this war has to face: slogans are not going to win the war. At the end of the day, if Rove's goal is for the president to stick the war out until the end of his term, then shove the issue off on someone else, pulling out and losing is exactly what we'll be doing. Do you honestly believe that after two-and-a-half more years of carnage the American people would support an upping of troop levels, even if McCain wins? And which troops from where would go? If this war is a drain on resources now, how will our resources look after two-and-a-half more years of sloganeering? Add a slowing economy into the mix and then what?

What I'm getting at is that in a strange irony, by the time someone gets in office who is willing to make the tough decisions about upping the troops, renewing the fight, etc., we may have to face the inevitable anyway but even worse - a pullout leaving us with a severally drained and weakened military. In that case, people like me (ambivalent-to-against the war at first, but supportive once we got there) and you will have ultimately held aloft the GOP's political hold on this country, while allowing self-interested people to damage our military, our international reputation, and national morale. I know it's tough to face, but it's true.