Quote for the Day


"Suddenly religion comes along and you suddenly realize, I think we all have to realize, that liberal rights, dear old dreary liberal rights, have got to be continually fought for. It's like anything else in life, you don't climb up to a plateau where the sun always shines, you are always marching on relentlessly. Nothing stands still and liberal rights, which are the easiest thing in the world to sneer at, have in fact taken a long time to create, particularly in the United Kingdom. We really have to fight to make sure we keep them," - pop musical genius, Neil Tennant.

The Pet Shop Boys' new album is dedicated to the teens recently hanged in Iran for being gay. It's called "Fundamental." I know it's weird, but for twenty-five years, Tennant and Lowe's music has been a constant source of comfort and inspiration to me. To discover that their thoughts have been tracking mine doesn't surprise me, but it does reassure me.