Quote for the Day

"The vast majority, and I am not exaggerating, of the scores and scores of people I know through these ["ex-gay"] organizations, are out now, accept themselves as gay, and look back on that time as very traumatic and difficult. ... Many of them have walked away from God and any sort of faith tradition because they were so disappointed — they'd been lied to over and over again by people speaking in Jesus' name," - Peterson Toscano, an "ex-gay" survivor, to Eve Tushnet, in an excellent piece at NRO. How refreshing to read an article at National Review whose premise isn't ignorance and suspicion of gay people.

The Christianist right has done more to detach gay people from God's love than any other force I know. Given the hostility, hatred and condescension directed at them, it's a miracle how strong the faith lives of so many gay people are. But then grace is always a miracle. And it has kept many of us within our faiths, even as the leaders of those faiths target, demean and scapegoat us.