Quote for the Day

"Among the core values we Republicans share with President Reagan is a passion for free market principles such as lower taxes and opposition to unnecessary government regulation; and, very importantly, belief that the government that governs best governs least. I don't think any Reagan Republican would disagree that fiscal restraint and small government are bedrock principles of conservatives.

So why has my party, the party of small government, lately adopted the practices of our opponents who believe the bigger the government the better? I'm afraid it's because at times we value our incumbency more than our principles. We came to office to reduce the size of government. Lately, we have increased the size of government in order to stay in office," - John McCain, our only hope, blogging at Porkbusters.

I'm fine with Porkbusters, but it needs to be said again and again that pork is not our real problem. Middle-class entitlements are. If pork-obsession becomes a way of denying our real fiscal calamity, rather than addressing it, it will do more harm than good.